ALURA PANEL – Wood Comforts of the Past Ring True in Modern and Contemporary Designs of Tomorrow

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

There seems to be a trend right now of returning to our roots. We see it in the resurgence of farm-to-table restaurants, the desire for organic products and the up-cycling of pre-owned goods. There is something so beautiful and desirable about products that resemble nature or elicit a historical emotion from us – like the Alura Panel: a metal panel that looks remarkably like natural wood.

Depending on your generation, when you think of wood panelling “that wood panelled fireplace in my first house” or “the walls in my grandparent’s living room” may come to mind, but either way there is a memory or an emotion attached to the wood application on that wall.  You’re picturing it right now, aren’t you? Alura Panel is not the wood panel of the past but it will give you a warm, cozy feeling.

Alura Panel

Why not real wood?

Unlike real wood or wood-like products, the Alura Panel has the same properties as your traditional metal panel: long lasting, durable and strong. Many wood-like products require hours and hours of maintenance or even replacement due to the natural properties of the product (think of having to sand and stain your deck every few years). They also do not have the tensile strength that metal has so they cannot be installed in vertical applications without the risk of sagging and falling to ruin. You will not run into any of these issues with Alura Panel. Once it is applied, all you must do is sit back and admire it!


Alura Panel has caught the eye of architects, contractors and landscape designers due to its versatility in residential, commercial and landscape applications.  These professionals can achieve clean lines, contemporary and modern designs whilst humanizing a building’s exterior through the richness of a wood appearance. We know that the possibilities are truly endless with this product and we are open to all application challenges.

Longboard Residential Siding

Today wood panels are no longer a trend of the past. They are a premier material of today, they’re made from metal and they’re here to stay.  Metal panels that represent the warmth of wood and nature are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles through IMARK Architectural Metal’s Alura Panel line.

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