Extrusion Anchors: Is there another option?

Curtain wall anchors come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Each manufacturer has their own favourite anchoring system representative of an ideal combination of material fabrication and field installation cost. However, with little standardization across the industry, extrusion anchor design has been more of an afterthought by some of the big manufacturers like Kawneer and Alumicor.  Realizing that the industry requires fluidity but also standardization, we have take a systematic approach to anchor design and the the way in which you can order an extrusion anchor.

Order Process: Classification

To enhance the ease of use when ordering various types of extrusion anchors from IMARK, we have begun classifying extrusion anchors by the setting position of the required base plate.  Through the input of some of our customers we were able to design an anchor in a standardized H pattern but with interlocking and interchanging base plates. This allowed for a structurally strong yet customizable anchor depending on the application or brand of extrusion.  An instance of our classification system at work happens when, for example, a customer orders an Alumicor 2222 Type A extrusion anchor; we know that Type A refers to the style in which the baseplate must sit relative to the extrusion (as per TYPE A below)

Type D and Type A shown for illustrative purposes

Strength and Accuracy

The added beauty of a semi-customizable anchor solution is knowing the extrusion profile references the base plate style to prevent error.  Additionally, our anchors have been designed to interlock with the baseplates producing a very strong and consistently straight fixing point in which to place the extrusion overtop of.  We are able to do this by laser cutting each H anchor and baseplate with fittings that allow for accurate alignment when welding the anchor together during its final assembly.

Quick Adjust Leveling

With a greater understanding of how curtain walls are actually installed, the extrusion anchor design helps simplify the need for shimming multiple points to level the mullions.  Furthermore, the anchor design requires fastening to the extrusion through the front of the anchor instead of the sides thereby allowing for leveling adjustments even after the whole wall has been secured, minimizing costly rework for dismantling sections because of inaccurate leveling.

Added Benefits

Not only do these extrusion anchors come in one piece eliminating the need for any on-site welding but they also come Primed for weatherproofing and to prevent any premature corrosion between two different types of metals.

Whether you prefer to use Kawneer or Alumicor branded extrusions, we are committed to working with you and your team to improve jobsite productivity and reliability for your next project.   To learn more about our extrusion anchor solutions, please give us a call today.

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