GO Productivity & IMARK Generate Long Term Improvements

In mid-2019, IMARK engaged Go Productivity to assist with productivity improvements via the ARC Program (Assessment, Roadmap & Coaching). Our goal for enrolling in the program was to shed new light on our way of doing things to further enhance the customer experience. With this in mind, the program’s focus on Leadership, Innovation and Operations touched all facets of our organization.

We came out of the program with new ideas and views about our organization and a focused action plan on improving productivity. Personnel were able to take these new ideas and have some quick implementations that instantly helped us reach our goal of providing an enhanced level of customer service.

Implementing Productivity

Long Term Win – Gain Efficiency with Sheet Storage

The benefits of automating material storage lay in the efficiency factor: Material storage systems enable the seamless transition of material changes from job to job, reducing non-productive waiting times. IMARK operates in a high mix material environment, whereby automating the material storage and handling was a high value opportunity. Another benefit we saw of automating material storage was the reduction in material costs. Here, we were able to identify cost savings by buying in bulk but also eliminating valuable wasted floor space. The net benefit saw us deliver to our customers faster and more efficiently.

Project Success Bonus

Hosting the Federal Funding Announcement for Go Productivity at IMARK

Our lead instructor, Scott Penner, thought that that we had such great success in the program that he asked us to be the host for this Federal event. Therefore, on Tuesday February 11th, IMARK hosted the Federal Minister of Economic Development, Melanie Joly along with Executives from NAIT, GO Productivity and Western Economic Diversification (WED). During this event, Mélanie Joly announced additional funding for coaching to help small to medium-sized enterprises focus on improvements that are sustainable and foster long-term growth.

GO Testimonial

You can learn more about GO Productivity and the ARC program

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