Top Woodgrain Metal Panel Applications

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

It wasn’t that long ago that wood cladding meant that you were, in fact, using real wood.  It also meant maintenance; sand, stain, rot, replace. Developed in response to the growing popularity of mixed material building designs, Alura Panel offers architects and building owners a low-maintenance wood-emulation solution at an attractive low cost of ownership. Providing the warmth and beauty of natural wood in a wide range of styles, Alura Panel is a hidden fastening panel system that allows for quick and easy installation.

The Versatility of Woodgrain Metal Panel

The following list showcases applications of Alura Panel prefinished woodgrain metal panel, each manufactured by IMARK. All of the examples below are real-world projects using Alura Panel.

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

Commercial Cladding

Clean crisp lines and budget-friendly, Alura Panel is perfect for any retail commercial or office center. Used to highlight area’s of distinction as well as full wall’s, this project showcases the diversity of the product in bringing a modern contemporary look to this commercial retail plaza.

architectural woodgrain metal panel siding

Residential Cladding

Installed onto an entrance feature wall of a contemporary single-family home, the earth tones and Reveal panel profile add a warm contrast to the dark stucco and stone that encase the remainder of the front façade.

Residential Shed

If you’re a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kind of person, Alura Panel can present a great option for siding or cladding. The finish and colour options of Alura Panel provide a high-quality look that disguise its low cost and straightforward construction. The panelized nature also means you can cut and measure the panel lengths in your own garage on a rainy weekend and then install them quickly when the weather turns nice.


The Bunk House could be your next hunting cabin, lake house, or workshop. Rugged, classic or minimalist, these shelters are respected for their functional design and beautiful use in most picturesque places on earth. Alura Panel’s woodgrain finish offers a rich look to this tiny structure with little maintenance and a strong defense against insect or rodent attacks.  This is a great option if it is in a remote location or its location experiences significant exposure to changing weather over the course of the year.

Commercial Signs

Tough, lightweight, and super durable. The water-resistant and potential for warm earth tone finishes makes Alura Panel an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor signage. Sign makers can use Alura Woodgrain Metal Panel and sheet for a wide variety of applications, like, architectural signage, real estate signs, pylon signs and wall mounted signs.

Visit the Sherwood Park Retail and Office Plaza and Edmonton Brewery District pages to see a completed projects.

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