Handrails and Guardrails

Custom Commercial Handrail, Guardrail and Railing Systems

Custom handrail and guardrail systems can be designed for unique architectural environments while still functioning as a safety element

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Custom Handrail Systems

Whether you are building or renovating, custom handrails and railings accentuate the atmosphere of your building while adding value. By offering a variety of styles and mounting options to choose from you are able to select or customize the railing that best suits your commercial vision.


Custom Guardrail Systems

Many cities and/or development projects have had their appearance improved by aesthetically pleasing street furniture such as pedestrian guardrails.  IMARK is able to manufacture custom decorative guardrail systems to suit any individual theme or requirement.  With features such as bespoke posts and panels with laser-cut patterns or perforations, we can provide unique options for guardrail systems which will set a space apart.

laser cut metal decorative handrail

Architectural Railing Styles

Combine style and sophistication with quality and durability for dozens of interior and exterior applications


Picket and tube railings prove tried and tested functional design which provides a classic look.  These traditional railing systems are commonly installed in high traffic area’s such as walkways, public transit stations and more.


Wire Mesh railing provides a unique look that gives a feel of openness.  This durable modern application will allow air and light to pass through while providing the level of safety necessary.

Laser Cut Decorative Rail Panels

Our Motif laser-cut panels are produced in a wide variety of patterns, shapes and themes to suit any style which are designed to fit a number of custom railing systems


Custom railing systems starts with your concept. IMARK is capable of providing design options as well as full service design-assist.

Custom Guardrail and Handrail Applications

IMARK provides handrail and guardrail systems for a number of applications.

Carpark/Parkade Guardrail and Barriers

Car park/parkade railings styles are designed to be both sturdy and decorative, delivering an attractive yet practical purpose over a long life.

Commercial Retail Unit (CRU) Developments

Applications range from installing custom staircase railings, pedestrian guardrail for safe walkways, to sidewalk cafe’s and loading area’s.   IMARK specializes in decorative and functional railings and guardrails for Commercial CRU Developments.



decorative laser cut metal panel

Materials and Finishes

Available in a wide variety of materials and finishes we offer you the ability to create custom railings that will address project-specific criteria such as budget and lifecycle. From materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum each material can be further weather-sealed with a resilient galvanizing or powder coat finished, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection.


Stainless Steel Staircase Railing

Working With Us

Design Assist

While design-assist can have a significant, positive impact on design efficiency, cost, speed to market, and constructability, these benefits can be especially acute in high-risk, complex and customized projects. IMARK has the ability to work with designers and architects to develop custom handrails and guardrails to create a desired aesthetic and a unique environment.

New Construction, Retrofits and Renovations

Working with both small and large budgets, IMARK is dedicated to developing custom systems to meet the designed intent.

Safety Code and Regulation Compliance

Safety benefits of handrails, railings and guardrails are intended to prevent falls, create peace of mind and provide stability. Therefore, we ensure that all our commercial handrails and guardrails are built to meet the necessary safety codes and regulations.

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