Custom Metal Signs & Displays

Metal Sign & Display Fabrication

High-quality sign materials are perfect for interpretive signs, park signs, trail signs, zoo signs and industrial signs, as well as large scale murals, public art installations, graphic building cladding and memorials.

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Aim to make an impact.

Adding a custom metal sign or display is a great way to distinguish a unique site, location or place. For public areas such as parks, landmarks or transit centres these displays and signs provide a unique way in which to capture the distinctiveness of a space.  We offer external grade sign and display fabrication expertise solutions for:

  • Sign and Advertising Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • National and Provincial Parks
  • Landscape Companies
metal fabricatied sign enclosure


Display information effectively.

With the expertise to interpret drawings and build to specifications, IMARK is well-versed in products ranging from decorative to functional, we can even supply metal roof’s on park kiosks and more.

  • Banners
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Sign Boxes
  • Pedestals
  • Interpretive Sign Structures
  • Park Entrances Features
  • Exhibits and Display’s
  • Kiosks
interpretive metal sign frame


Fabrication expertise, customized service.

With a complete range of fabrication services, our team of highly trained and qualified craftsmen hand-build custom interpretation panels, sign pedestals, brackets, upright frames, cantilever frames, lecterns, pedestals and mountings to the highest standards.  To learn more about our extensive list of fabrication capabilities please click here.

  • Custom Welding & Fabrication
  • Custom Routing
  • Laser Cutting
  • Finishing (powdercoat, galvanizing, anodizing)
aluminum sign casing


Attractive. Tough. Robust.

In terms of both aesthetic and physical performance, IMARK offers a diverse range of metal finishes for a wide range of signage design applications and products.

Stainless Steel

With superior corrosion resistance, stainless steel provides a wide range of options for interior or exterior signage products.

Corten Steel

Corten steel provides a natural antiqued rust finish if exposed to the weather for several years, perfect for parks or other large exterior signage projects.


A popular choice for sign boxes, frames and exhibit features, aluminum offers natural satin, anodized, or polished finishes across a wide variety of thicknesses.

stainless steel sign

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