Ocular Custom Panel Imaging

Custom Perforated Metal Wall Panels

From Vision to Reality.  Ocular Custom Panel Imaging gives designers the freedom to create unique, modern and aesthetically sophisticated designs.

How It Works

Ocular by IMARK uses proprietary software to generate perforated designs on almost any kind of metal panel. Our technology helps industry professionals take their architectural designs beyond the limits of traditional surface metals, and can be used for virtually any exterior or interior application.

From building facades to feature walls, Ocular Custom Panel Imaging is defined by its unparalleled versatility.

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How It’s Made

Our custom panels are made by using tiny punches or perforations to form a unique graphic effect.

Manufactured in Edmonton, Ocular technology is founded on over 20 years of trusted expertise under the IMARK name. For industry professionals looking to make their mark or help a project stand out, Ocular by IMARK will bring virtually any design to life.

Ocular is the natural next step for IMARK. We are Alberta’s premier source for architectural metals; IMARK is known for excellence in all facets of architectural metalwork, from fabrication and design to management, installation and more.

Why It Works

Ocular Panels allow you to create a unique and customizable project while maintaining your bottom line:

  • Reduced lead times due to state of the art manufacturing processes and supplier relationships.
  • Reduced labour costs due to efficient installation systems and hardware that has been perfected by our veteran design and installation teams.
  • Overall reduced costs by taking an integrated approach to manufacturing and installation by our team of experts (for local projects).
  • Product design features do not require excessive packaging and crating which results in less waste and no hidden costs.
  • Customized solutions and access to decades of industry knowledge in manufacturing and installation (residential, commercial and light industrial).
  • Freedom to choose from a variety of material types and colours, such as Aluminium Composite and specialty metals.
  • Vast application opportunities that can be installed at any elevation.


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Material Selection

Ocular Panel Imaging is available in a wide variety of materials. If you have a project that requires a specialty metal our team will work with you to achieve the results that you’re dreaming of.

Primary materials that we work with

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Steel
  • Corten Steel
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum Composite
  • Copper
  • Specialty Metals upon request


Project and image sizes are unconstrained by our ability to use multiple panels to display one complete image or design.  However, individual panel sizing varies depending on material, design and application. Our team will work with you to achieve the scale that you desire without compromising craftsmanship.

Individual Panel Dimensions

  • Panel Height: 24″ to 60″
  • Panel Width: 24″ to 192″



Powder coating is available in a variety of colours and finishes with custom colours available upon request.


We concentrate on perfecting the essentials of construction and design, so we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished product is exemplary, no matter the application.

  • Facades
  • Privacy Screens and Dividers
  • Ceiling and Wall Features
  • Stairways, Railings and Balustrades
  • Doors, Gates and Fences
  • Pergolas, Trellis’ and Lattices

Your imagination is the limit…

Ocular by IMARK
wood grain metal soffit application

Our much anticipated website featuring the Ocular Panel and the Motif Panel will be available early Spring 2018.

If you are an architect or designer and wish to visit our facility to learn more about the manufacturing process or to inquire about product samples, please contact Teresa Johnson directly at 780.801.1974.

Distinguish your space from the rest. Contact our experts to learn more about these products and other IMARK Architectural Metals products.

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