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Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM, ACP, MCM)

Aluminum Composite Panels | Aluminum Cladding Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels (also known as “ACM”) is a leading exterior metal cladding choice for inspiring aesthetics that elevate the design of any application.

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    ACM Panel Fabrication Expertise

    Whether you are an Owner, Architect, General Contractor or Installer, our experienced staff can provide solutions to your most complex aluminum wall system designs.

    Services include

    • Design assist and Integrated Project Delivery programs
    • Design consultation and evaluation for cost savings
    • Material and fabrication specification
    • Shop drawings and CAD details
    • North American approved extrusion systems and testing
    • Access to the widest selection of colors and finishes from the best ACM manufacturers
    • Ready to install ACM panel systems
    • Technical support
    aluminum composite panel facade

    Aluminum Composite Panel Design

    ACM panels can be fabricated in an endless variety of shapes and sizes to deliver a crisp clean uncompromising aesthetic with a premium look.  Many of the projects we work on incorporate large sections of various standard style panels but also include custom panels such as column covers, curved panels and perforated panels.  In addition to the endless design possibilities, ACM material is known for its superior strength, light weight, durability and array of color finishes.

    Decorative ACM panels on side of building.

    perforated image aluminum composite panelArchitects, Did you know?

    We can support some truely unique Aluminum Composite Panel designs for wall systems utilizing our Ocular Perforated Imaging Technology. Wonder what other photos and images we can perforate besides Marilyn Monroe? Click here to learn more about ACM perforated imaging.

    We utilize the most trusted brands in Aluminum Composite Material

    Aluminum Composite Material Finishes

    Depending on the style of finish you choose, ACM panels have two or three coat finishes of PVDF Kynar coatings that meet AAMA 2605 performance requirements.  These coatings deliver superior scratch, corrosion and chemical resistance which are warrantied for 20 to 30 years.

    ACM materials come in a vast array of amazingly vivid colors and finishes that include

    • Prismatic Finishes
    • Metallic Finishes
    • Mica Finishes
    • Anodized Finishes
    • Natural Wood Finishes
    • Stone Finishes
    • Solid and Matte Finishes


    Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

    North American Approved ACM Extrusion Wall Panel System

    As an approved fabricator for EVO Rivetless and Fusion Drill Free Extrusion systems, we are helping to enable all architectural firms to make wiser decisions by providing them with a fully tested design.  The benefits of an aesthetically superior and consistent cladding system, designed for performance, and common CAD detailing assists us in providing a high level of customer service for Architects, Designers and Installers across North America.

    EVO™ RIVETLESS™ Extrusion System

    • Compliant with hidden fastener, pressure equalized rainscreen ACM panel systems
    • Extrusion system is compliant with AAMA 508-07 & ASTM E283, E330, E331, E1233, NFPA 285
    • LEED compliant for recycled content (MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2)

     FUSION™ DRILLFREE™ Extrusion System

    • Compliant with hidden fastener, pressure equalized rainscreen ACM panel systems
    • Extrusion system is compliant with AAMA 508-07 & ASTM E283, E330, E331, E1233, NFPA 285
    • LEED compliant for recycled content (MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2)
    • Superior strength, rigidity and performance

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    We offer ready-to-install metal composite panel systems

    We welcome the opportunity to provide you with aluminum composite panel pricing on your next bid or project.

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    Benefits of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM)

    Consistent Flatness. Consistent Finish.

    When it comes to consistency and precision, aluminum composite materials are among the best the metal construction products industry has to offer.  An important consideration when choosing an architectural panel system is knowing that there is no “oil canning” with an aluminum composite material.  Composite sheets are flat when manufactured and remain flat after installation producing a balanced panel free of wrinkling of distortion.

    Cost Efficient. Affordable.

    Contrary to popular belief, aluminum composite panel systems are more affordable and cost-effective today than ever before due to dramatic improvements in product technology, manufacturing efficiency and installation techniques.  This cost effectiveness has driven their increased popularity and use in across many different applications including interiors.

    ACM panes on front of column on the Home Envy Furnishings building.

    Life Cycle Costs. Maintenance.

    Retaining their sheen for decades as a result of advancements in paint application and coating technology,  aluminum composite material ensures that the building maintains its aesthetic appeal and its property value for the long term reducing maintenance costs.  Aluminum composite panels also offer cost savings in the event of damaged panels compared to alternative exteriors such as precast, granite or brick due to their modular construction.

    Complete Building Envelope Defense.

    Aluminum composite panels provide a reliable building envelope that resists the elements and protect against air and water infiltration.

    large sized aluminum composite panel


    Aluminum Composite Panel can be used in an assortment of applications including exterior cladding, interior feature walls and entries, canopies, sign & corporate identities, column covers and more.

    ACM is found on distinctive buildings around the world including office buildings, warehouse, multi-family residential, hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, gas stations, schools, retail shopping complexes and recreation centers.

    Modern Interior

    LEED + Sustainability

    • ACM panels are made with a high percentage of recycled content
    • ACM panels offer up to 1/3 the less aluminum content with the same level of rigidity and strength as the alternative solid aluminum panel
    • Installation specifications include a cavity wall design that can increase the buildings thermal properties
    • ACM Paint finishes and recycled content can contribute to earning LEED Credits
    LEED Features

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