High Pressure Laminate Phenolic Composite Panels (HPL)

Considered to be one of the most durable decorative surfaces available

Phenolic Resin Panels combine compelling aesthetics and next generation architectural cladding to create limitless possibilities.

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    Wood Composite Panel (also known as “Phenolic Resin Panel or Phenolic Composite Panel”) is the architectural alternative to traditional aluminum composite panel.  While Wood Composite accurately describes the best known finishes of the product, this misnomer commonly distracts from the larger selection of finishes that can actually be ordered.

    Perfect for use in innovative and functional ventilated façade systems, Phenolic Resin Panels can help improve the overall energy performance of a building while providing extremely effective weather protection due to its high pressure laminate finish.  Phenolic Resin Panel also offers excellent dimensional stability for fabrication into an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

    Used on its own or as a highlight in combination with other materials, this next generational architectural cladding opens up a world of innovative design possibilities to give your building an exceptional appearance.

    Phenolic Resin Panels / Wood Composite Panel


    Phenolic Resin Panels can be used in an assortment of applications to help architects develop natural, warm and beautiful spaces including exterior cladding, interior feature walls and entries, canopies, sign & corporate identities and more.

    Phenolic Resin Panels are found on distinctive buildings around the world including office buildings, multi-family residential, single family residential, hotels, restaurants, schools, museums, theatres, shopping complexes and more.

    Wood paneling on the front of Finesse Furniture & interiors.

    Product Systems

    The two main product systems we use include:

    Concealed Fastener

    The concealed system hides the attachment behind the panel providing a smooth façade free of hardware

    Exposed Fastener

    The exposed fastener system is most commonly used due to its competitive price point and ease of install. Rivets or screws are used that are made of stainless steel or ordered to match the color of the panels.


    • Faux Joints allow you to create smaller and more intricate detailed layouts
    • Multi-side finishes
    • Fire resistant
    • Improved ventilation
    • Can help reduce energy costs
    • Material flexibility allows you to add dimension to your project with curvature details
    • Base of wall and window heads remain open to allow for drainage & cavity ventilation
    Metal cladding on front of glass walled building


    Phenolic Resin Panels are developed in layers, laminated under high pressure, to give off a vibrant finish. These stunning natural finishes are not only beautiful but extremely durable, capable of withstanding drastic changes in temperature, humidity and exposure to direct sunlight.

    Finish Attributes

    • Scratch Resistant
    • Easy to Clean
    • Solvent Resistant
    • Impact Resistant

    Ignite your imagination with distinct and beautiful natural finishes like:

    • Wood Finishes
    • Stone Finishes
    • Metallic Finishes
    • Speckle Finishes
    • Solid Finishes
    • Matte Finishes
    • Anti-Graffiti Finishes
    Wood paneling on side of glass walled building.

    LEED + Sustainability

    • Phenolic Resin Panels are made from natural fibres largely consisting of wood by-products
    • Finishes and glues are made from synthetic resins that are not found in greenhouse gasses
    • Recyclable content can contribute to earning LEED Credits
    Green Building

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