Curtain Wall Back Pans

Curtain Wall Back Pans

Back pans are substructure components used in curtain wall systems for the purpose of thermal and moisture protection.

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Working exclusively to supply Glass and Glazing trades, back pans are adhered and sealed to the curtain wall frame behind opaque glazing areas.

Product Features

  • Available with custom flanges
  • Available in oversized dimensions
  • Available with customized features including tapered or angled pans


Back pans are designed to minimize field installation time and can be fastened to curtain wall, steel substrate or block substrate.  Specialized shapes and custom punching or notching are available to suit any specific application.  All corners of our back pans are tabbed sealed and spot welded to deliver superior performance as a vapor barrier.

Product Profiles

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Back of curtain wall.


IMARK uses Roxul Cavityrock exterior cavity insulation which has been designed exclusively for the use in exterior cavity wall and rainscreen applications like back pans.  As a high density semi rigid board Roxul Cavityrock insulation combines a high density outer layer and softer inner layer that is fire resistant, water and moisture resistant and delivers a R-value of 4.3/inch.

Depending upon the back pan design and depth of the pan we can supply insulation in thicknesses ranging from 2″ to 5″ (3″ standard)

Roxul Cavityrock insulation.

Material Selection

Depending on your design criteria, we can supply back pans in

  • Galvanized G90 (standard)
  • Galvalume
  • Available in 20, 22 and 24 gauge (22 standard)
Different kinds of back pans.

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