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Sub-girts & Z Girts

Sub-Girts for rainscreen framing systems

Subgirts are a primary rainscreen framing component with depths matching common exterior insulation thicknesses that can accommodate a variety of cladding panel attachment methods

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    A low cost, high constructability solution

    Sub-Girts, or substructural components, are used in numerous cladding attachment systems which are designed to offer exterior insulation. Sub-Girts are a type of continuous cladding attachment solution that consists of galvanized steel framing members, typically in 18- to 20-gauge profiles which attach vertically or horizontally to the structural wall. Cladding is then attached directly to the sub-girt.

    A relatively economical choice, sub-girts are easy to install and designed to minimize field installation time. Depending on the structural wall makeup, sub-girts can be fastened to concrete, concrete block, and mass timber walls. With wood frame buildings, sub-girts can support either studs or the plywood or OSB sheathing.

    Pile of IMARK Sub-girts

    Exterior Insulation

    An efficient and cost-effective method

    Exterior insulation that is installed outside of a wall sheathing is becoming increasingly common across North America. Commonly referred to as exterior insulation, this insulation is installed continuously on the outside of the primary structure.

    Depending on the thermal requirements of the project, sub-girts can accommodate various thicknesses of rigid, semi-rigid, or spray-applied exterior insulation. In most cases, Roxul CavityRock semi-rigid insulation is used. Exclusively designed for exterior cavity wall and rainscreen applications, CavityRock offers superior long-term thermal efficiency, fire resistance, moisture control, and acoustic performance that is compatible with continuous cladding attachment systems such as sub-girts.

    Roxul Cavityrock insulation.


    Continuous Framing

    Z Girts

    Z Girts, also known as “Z-Bar, Z-Channel, and Zee” are all terms that describe the same type of profile. This cladding attachment system consists of continuous galvanized steel framing members which can be applied vertically, horizontally, or crossed. Z Girts are typically produced to lock in the thickness levels of rigid or semi-rigid insulation. Varying the length of the Z flange can allow for insulation that can enhance the R-value of a building.

    The Z girt profile functions as a structural supported fastening point, a wall cavity for insulation, and an exterior fixing point for cladding within one assembly. Z girts are an ideal product for furring out the interior walls of an existing masonry or new concrete wall.

    Building with Z-bars

    Notched Z Girt

    Notched Z girts are similar to standard Z girts with the exception of notching which facilitates application of the Z girt over a profiled metal liner acting as a vapour barrier.

    • Available in 10 to 26 gauge
    • Length up to 12’ long (10’ standard)
    • Standard as Galvanized G90 material *other materials are also available
    • Custom leg and flange dimensions available
    Close up of Notched Z Girts

    Hat Channel

    Hat Channel (also known as “Furring Channel”) is a structural support element that is commonly used to level uneven surfaces. Hat Channel is designed to be a cost-effective solution to ensure easy leveling of ceiling and wall systems while providing a ventilation space as may be required in rain screen wall systems. Applications including drywall, cladding or masonry.

    • Available in 10 to 26 gauge
    • Length up to 12’ long (10’ standard)
    • Standard as Galvanized G90 material *other materials are also available
    • Custom dimensions available
    Pallet of Hat Channels

    C Channel

    A C Channel is another structural support element which provides a cavity wall for insulation but is used at the top or bottom of the wall system due to its shape to give a flush mount to the floor or roof system.

    • Available in 10 to 26 gauge
    • Length up to 12’ long (10’ standard)
    • Standard as Galvanized G90 material *other materials are also available
    • Custom leg and flange dimensions available
    C Channel to facilitate exterior insulation

    Product Features

    • Can span greater distances that wood
    • Does not warp or twist
    • Can be ordered in various gauges or thicknesses of steel
    • Can be ordered in various lengths which reduces onsite cutting and waste
    • Customizable to include punch holes or notches

    Depending on your design criteria, we can supply sub girts in

    • Galvanized G90 (standard)
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Cold or hot rolled steel
    Different kinds of back pans

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