Custom Metal Flashing and Trims

Flashing and Trims

Our inventory of colours and gauges allows us to deliver on tight timelines to help ensure your crew’s are never without work.

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Custom Metal Flashing and Brake Shape Applications

Proven to be a valued supplier.

Our experienced and trained craftsmen are experts in metal fabrications for architectural and roofing applications. Specializing in light to heavy gauge metal flashings and trim (also known as “brake shapes”) which can be ordered in standard profiles or virtually any combination of bends and radius’, IMARK is your single source supplier for your entire project. Across commercial, residential and industrial applications, we supply flashings & trim to:

  • Masonry trades
  • Stucco trades
  • Glass and Glazing trades
  • Roofing and Cladding trades
  • Modular and pre-engineered builders
  • Residential Siding trades
  • General Contractors
Custom metal flashing and brake shape applications

What Our Clients Are Saying

"IMARK is our go-to supplier for custom metal fabrications. Every job is different and IMARK ensures we get what we need, when we need it, with great service and fair pricing." Ryan Chamberlin, Estimator/Project Manager

Custom Flashing Profiles

Keeping water out.

While flashings provide a proper finished look for aesthetic purposes they are also designed to be functional, low maintenance and protect the building envelope from the elements.  As a vital component in defense of water penetration, our knowledgeable staff can help suggest a custom fabricated flashing solution for any difficult architectural element or configuration on your next project.

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roof and wall metal flashing and trim

Metal Flashing Gauge

Spend less time searching for the materials you need.

In order to serve you better, we routinely stock the below-noted material gauges to deliver on tight timelines to help ensure your crew’s are never without work.  This allows us to fabricate to your exact specifications in large or small volume quantities.

  • Light Gauge (26 to 18 gauge)
  • Medium Gauge (16 to 14 gauge)
  • Heavy Gauge (10 to 12 gauge)
custom metal brake shape and flashing gauge of material

Metal Brake Shape Finishes

Achieve the look you want in the finish you desire.

IMARK carries a wide range of metals that represent the most widely used in the construction industry.  From prepainted steel to galvanized and anodized aluminum we offer a competitive, high quality supply solution for your flashing & trim requirements.

Prepainted Colours

Kynar, SMP, PVDF, Metallic, Wood Grain, Barrier Series.

Galvanized Steel

A preferred construction product with proven performance in a wide range of end-use applications.

Anodized Aluminum

Cost-effective, long-lasting, beautiful and decorative we carry a variety of colors and finishes including clear, bronze and black anodized.

prepainted metal flashing finishes and colors

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