Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panels (Alura)

Alura Panel - Woodgrain Metal Panels & Siding

Our Alura line of metal panels consists of architecturally appealing breakshape hidden fastener siding panels.

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5.25″ Reveal

6″ Coverage, Concealed Fasteners

A commercial grade panel installed with a built-in fastening method. Ideal for feature walls, long spans and areas of distinction. With a .75″ reveal this panel can span up to 12′ to provide a contemporary look similar to other siding materials such as metal cladding.

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

4″ Narrow

4″ Coverage, Concealed Fasteners

A very popular panel for siding, the 4″ Narrow utilizes a built-in fastening method.  Utilizing hidden fasteners, this panel provides long, clean lines and works well in any environment.

6.4″ Wide

6.4″ Coverage, Concealed Fasteners

The “Narrow” profile can be extended to a 6.4″ coverage metal siding panel for maximum exposure.  For a clean repeatable look the 6.4″ profile provide modern lines and a nice balance that works well in commercial applications increasing the visual appeal of the wall.

alura panel prefinished woodgrain metal cladding


Uncomplicated Design. Effortless Installation.

Designed by trade professionals for effortless installation to maximize jobsite productivity, our Alura line of metal siding panels slide together quickly with hidden fasteners for a timeless modern look.

With experienced representatives ready to help equip you with a complete package of Alura Panel, trims and fasteners we have made ordering and installation of Alura Panel as seamless as possible.

Siding profile for woodgrain metal panel commercial or residential

Product Documentation

Alura Panel Product Guide
Alura Panel Flashing Guide

Installation Guide:

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Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

Panel Finishes

Our Alura line of metal panel siding creates the ultimate shield for your home.  Pounding rain, severe wind, freezing cold and blistering heat are no match for the commanding strength of steel.  Each pretreated galvanized steel panel is virtually “weather-sealed” with a resilient Kynar PVDF finish, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection.

24 Gauge Finishes

Alura Woodgrain Metal Soffit


Metal siding is an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial buildings.  The diverse variety of panel options has helped drive this trend, matched with metal’s longevity and minimal maintenance.


A popular option in commercial, residential and agricultural applications, vertically run metal siding provides clean lines and draws the eye upward.


Horizontally run panels are currently very popular when going for a modern look.  The horizontally run wall panels are often used for their ability to be run in longer lengths, creating a seamless line the length of a building.


Ensuring a complete look, soffit panels can be installed using the Narrow profile which can be ventilated for increased air flow capacity.

Woodgrain metal siding panel profile color finishes

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