Translucent Exterior Wall Panels

Translucent Exterior Wall Panels

Elevate building design with a positive effect on building occupants and the environment.

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Combining energy efficiency, versatility and longevity, Translucent Wall Panels offer a unique opportunity to reinvent daylighting. By allowing natural daylight in and keeping harmful UV light and glare out, translucent panels provide a natural light setting to building occupants.

With design opportunities for opaque panels, colour panels or back lit panels, translucent wall systems present a versatile architectural option for your building façade while having a positive effect on building occupants and the environment.

Translucent Panel Systems


Translucent Panels are a type of structural sandwich panel that allow for impactful light diffusion and strong thermal performance.  These systems can be incorporated into new construction or retrofit applications which can be used in an assortment of applications including wall systems, curtain wall systems, window replacement, window wall systems and more.

Translucent panels can be found distinctive buildings around the world including office buildings, warehouse, healthcare, education, retail shopping centers, recreation centers and more.

Translucent Panel Architecture

Product System

Translucent panel designs can provide two independent translucent glazing panels.  This system can extends building envelope longevity by allowing replacement of the exterior glazing panel without exposing the building’s interior.


Depending on product specifications, Translucent Wall Panels can include

  • Numerous configurations including those that fit into 1” curtainwall framing
  • Quick installation with hidden or standing seam fastening system
  • Two glazing panels systems include a cavity that can be filled with various inserts to enhance the thermal properties of the building
  • Different color can be selected for each of the two glazing panels allowing for limitless design possibilities
  • Roof to slab spans minimize sub structure supports reducing time and material costs
  • Blast resistant designs available
Daylighting Solutions

Grid Pattern Options

Translucent wall panels can be ordered in the following grid patterns.

Translucent Panel Design

Colour Finishes

Colour finishes are available in

  • Matte Finishes
  • Solid Colour Finishes
  • Bi-Colour Capability (1 exterior panel colour and a different interior panel colour)
Translucent Panel Application

LEED + Sustainability

  • Translucent Panels are made with post-consumer and post-industrial content
  • Translucent Panels can offer improved indoor environmental quality by reducing the need for continuous artificial lighting
  • Installation specifications can increase the buildings thermal properties while reducing HVAC loads
  • LEED credit opportunities
Recreation Center Translucent Panel

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