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Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panels (Alura)

Alura Panel - Wood-look Metal Siding & Panels

Discover a warm and modern look with Alura. These woodgrain metal panels stand out for their highly durable and sustainable design. Alura wood-look metal siding offers the long-lasting and low-maintenance benefits of steel while providing the beautiful and natural finish of wood.

With a variety of finishes, these 24-ga steel wood panels consist of architecturally appealing breakshape hidden fasteners. From retail storefronts and restaurants to office renovations and new buildings, Alura can enhance any commercial project.

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Discover Beautiful Metal Siding that Looks Like Wood

Long Lifespan

Our Alura woodgrain metal panels are incredibly durable—they won’t corrode, crack, warp, split or rot. Termites and rodents can’t eat through them, and fire and lightning won’t ignite them. Their strong steel structure ensures they last for decades to come.

Modern Appeal

As metal siding that looks like wood, Alura’s appearance elevates the design of any building, but with much less maintenance and upkeep. Warm and inviting, the modern wood siding texture brings a natural appeal to your retail, hospitality, office, industrial or agricultural project. Pair Alura with decorative metal wall panels to give your building a unique and stylish flair.

Recycled & Recyclable

Crafted with 5% pre-consumer and 15-20% post-consumer recycled steel, our Alura wood and metal panels are sustainable and help you reduce your environmental impact. Plus, they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, allowing you to divert waste from landfills.

Lightweight Design

With easy-to-install fasteners, Alura steel wood panels are extremely lightweight. You can apply them as cladding over concrete or brick, saving money on removal and disposal costs.

Sustainable Features

LEED certification is becoming more and more standard with today’s construction projects. Alura’s wood-look metal siding can help you achieve that. The Kynar PVDF paint achieves solar reflectance of over 70%, which minimizes the heat island effect out into the atmosphere.

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Our Wood-look Metal Siding Products

How to Purchase Our Woodgrain Metal Panels

Choose Your Features

With experienced representatives ready to help equip you with the complete package of exterior wood-look panels, trims, and fasteners, Alura metal roof and siding panels are available in a variety of finishes near you.

Install with Ease

Designed by trade professionals for effortless installation to maximize jobsite productivity, our Alura line of steel wood siding panels slide together quickly with hidden fasteners for a timeless modern look.

Feel Confident with Our Warranty

Alura woodgrain siding and panels are built to last the test of time. We offer a 25-year paint protection warranty that guarantees that your siding will not flake, peel, blister, crack, fade, or chalk.

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Product Documentation

Installation Guide:

Please email for the installation guide.

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Woodgrain Siding Finishes

Available in woodgrains, prepainted solid finishes and metallic finishes, our Alura line of exterior metal panel siding creates the ultimate shield for your building. Pounding rain, severe wind, freezing cold and blistering heat are no match for the commanding strength of steel. Even though this is exterior siding that looks like wood, each pretreated galvanized steel panel is virtually “weather-sealed” with a resilient Kynar PVDF finish, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection.

24 Gauge Finishes

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Woodgrain Metal Siding Applications

Wood-look exterior metal siding is an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial buildings. The diverse variety of panel options has helped drive this trend, matched with the metal’s longevity and minimal maintenance.

Vertical Woodgrains

A popular option in commercial, residential, and agricultural applications, vertically run wood-look metal siding provides clean lines and draws the eye upward.

Horizontal Wood-look

Horizontally run panels are currently very popular when going for a modern look. The horizontal metal and wood wall panels are often used for their ability to be run in longer lengths.

Wood-looking Soffit

Ensuring a complete wood look, soffit panels can be installed using the narrow profile which can be ventilated for increased air flow capacity.

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