675 Almanor Peery Park

675 Almanor Peery Park

Part of the expansive Peery Park plan, this new 4-story office is a contemporary design


675 Almanor 4 Storey Class A Office and Parking Garage


675 Almanor, Peery Park, Sunnyvale, CA


Chang Architecture

alura panel prefinished woodgrain metal cladding

Project Background

A new development in Sunnyvale’s major industrial area know as Peery Park. The project, 675 Almanor, required the demolition of an existing 60,000 sq ft building that was built in 1986. The new building is a dramatic improvement over the old dated building from 1986. 675 Almanor now includes an inviting retail space on the main floor with access to an open air deck and elegant landscaping which preserved many of the trees from the original building.

alura panel woodgrain cladding siding

Project Approach

IMARK’s Alura Panel – Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel, added warmth to the extior finish palette includes metal panels, wood, and curtain-wall. The Alura consists of two different finishes, adding to the buildings contemporary design.

alura panel woodgrain cladding siding