Corporate Office and Warehouse for RBW Waste Management Ltd.

Surpassing Expectations

The Client

PCL Construction Management Ltd

The Project

Construction of new corporate office and warehouse for RBW Waste Management Ltd. in Nisku, Alberta

Quick Facts

  • 7800 sq ft of IMP panels installed
  • 1800 sq ft of ACM installed
  • 500 sq ft of Longboard soffit installed
Longboard Soffit and Siding

The Situation

IMARK was invited by PCL to tender on this project designed by Hodgson Schilf Architects. The project involved a vertical installation of IMP panels, which while aesthetically pleasing, also provide the air vapour barrier and thermal insulation for the office. The designer required an eyebrow accent feature to frame the glazing application on the front elevation. Originally designed to be covered with a break shape metal flashing, IMARK was concerned that due to the size of the metal flashing it would oil can and result in an inferior job. As an alternative, IMARK designed and installed a “flashing detail” but used ACM panels in lieu of metal flashing itself. This resulted in a high end panel appearance without the cost of a full panel system. A product called Longboard was then installed to the front entrance canopy as it was quite small in size but required a wow-factor application. The result: high end appearance with minimal cost.

IMARK’s Approach

The success of this project was a result of both PCL and Hodgson Schilf Architects communicating their vision to us while trusting in IMARK’s knowledgeable team to design, fabricate and install an exterior that would surpasses their expectations. And it did.

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