St. Anne Street Decorative Fence

Stainless Steel Fence

Transforming the downtown streetscape into an inviting destination showcases some of the city’s most recognizable local landmarks through laser cutouts of metal in the fence.

The Client

 Wilco Landscape Construction and The City of St. Albert

The Project

St. Anne Street Realignment Decorative Fence

Quick Facts

8 hrs to laser cut stainless steel panels

architectural railing

The Situation

The City of St. Albert is working on a revitalization/beautification project of the city’s downtown core. We were asked by our friends at Wilco Landscape to produce artist Terolenn Mykitiuk’s design of a decorative metal fence and make it come to life. The custom designed fence is to be installed along a sidewalk that is adjacent to a roundabout on St. Anne Street in front of the St. Albert Court House. The design of the fence showcases some of the city’s most recognizable local landmarks through cutouts of metal in the fence panels.

architectural fence

IMARK’s Approach

Originally this project was to be completed in aluminum however after reviewing the specifications of the project we felt it would be too weak of a material and would not give the City the quality craftsmanship that they desired for such a project. We wanted to construct a fence that would last generations and be an asset to the community so instead, with the City’s approval, we used materials that would stand the test of time. Changing the internal material to stainless steel will not only prevent rust and decay but also has improved the overall strength of the fence resulting in a product that will be admired for years to come.


decorative fence

Laser Cutting

Due to the decorative nature and complexity of the details on the fence panels, IMARK’s laser cutting robot was ideally suited for this job.  Given the requirement to view the panels from both sides and images with tight tolerances and smooth curves the laser was able to produce roughly three panels every 30 minutes with clean 90 degree cuts.  With other cutting processes like water jet or plasma, the tolerances and clean 90 degree cuts would not be possible.  If you look closely, some image details such as the bicycle were cut out in one piece using the laser.  Other images such as the shoe tread or lacrosse sticks required tiny details perfect for laser cutting.

In the end, the laser cut panels allowed for precise details and a flawless finish when viewing the images on the stainless steel panel from either side.  This is a project we were proud to be part of.

laser cut public art decorative fence