Epic 103rd Street Centre Main Lobby

Epic 103rd Street Centre Main Lobby

Ocular Perforating abstract ceiling feature in Aluminum Composite. Designed to accept backlighting.


Epic 103rd Street Centre Renovation


10130 103 ST, Edmonton, AB



Project Background

In 2019-2020 a full-scale renovation of this building aimed to reposition the facility as a ‘tech hub’ office tower in the heart of downtown, notably through the new front plaza which rekindles the building’s relationship to 103rd Street with an energized and integrated streetscape.

Ocular Perforated Imaging

Project Approach

The towers dark black façade was maintained from the original. Dark elements from the exterior were carried through to the main lobby, accentuating a monochromatic look. The main floor elevator lobby highlights this look with the use of white aluminum composite panel perforated with a custom abstract pattern using Ocular perforating technology. Incorporating backlighting into the pattern help facilitate the building owners goal of repositioning the tower as a modern ‘tech hub’ space facility.

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