St. Albert Founders’ Walk

Interpretive Signs

15 large interpretive sign frames were created for curated content on history that shaped the community.

The Client

SG Landscaping and the City of St. Albert

The Project

St. Albert Founders Walk Sign Frames

Quick Facts

The recently completed Founders Walk project is a re-creation and expansion of the 1988 Founders’ Promenade, which acknowledged the contributions of some of St. Albert’s early settlers.

custom metal sign frames

The Situation

Founded as a Metis settlement by missionary Father Albert Lacombe, St. Albert is a city that is rich in history. The Founders’ Walk serves as a walk through the city’s history and ties together several historic, cultural, educational and commercial facilities.

The Founders’ Walk project consisted of the fabrication of 15 large interpretive sign frames which were installed at rest nodes to form part of the newly created trail extension.

steel sign frame

IMARK’s Approach

We were asked for assistance with the completion of the sign frames which were to be fabricated out of steel and then powder-coated. After reviewing the drawings IMARK’s design and fabrication teams approached the client to see if they would be interested in building the frames out of powder-coated stainless steel to extend their longevity.  With no additional cost to the customer this change was approved and the signs were installed across St. Albert by SG Landscaping in the fall of 2016.

interpretive metal sign frame

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