Grant MacEwan University

Iconic Landmark Gets A New Roof

The Client

Chandos Construction & Grant MacEwan University

The Project

Replacement of existing barrel Metal Roofs at MacEwan University Campus

Quick Facts

29,000 SF of curved roof areas. Over 100,000 lbs of material processed. 8500 man hours spent on site. Drawings were completed by IMARK.

Metal Roofing Components

The Situation

Proactive by nature, Grant MacEwan University recognized a need to update and upgrade existing metal barrel roof systems on their main campus. The Client needed the existing roof system fully removed and replaced with a brand new, fully insulated Standing Seam Roof System.

Although it sounds straight forward, there was one catch: the work had to start, and be completed during summer months only, when students were out of school.

Grant MacEwan University Barrel Metal Roof

IMARK’s Approach

IMARK thus far have successfully replaced three out of five barrel roofs on the campus (and we will work hard to secure the remaining two roofs, to be completed in 2017).

Working closely with project consultants (Building Science Engineering), IMARK was able to provide some value engineering, installation insight and logistics feedback months before the work commenced.

Access to the work area proved to be challenging especially when loading the roof with necessary materials. Oversized cranes with full loads of counterweights had to be brought in just to give us the reach needed to safely and efficiently stage materials on the roofs.  Hoist days were busy for our workers up top and the flagman below, always looking out for public safety.

In the end, all three projects were completed ahead of schedule and right within the budget.

Grant MacEwan University