Tamarack Common

Striking, Warm And Natural Exteriors

Community shopping centre gets premium façade product which has gained popularity among designers and architects.

The Client

PCL Construction Management and Qualico Developments Ltd.

The Project

Construction of high-exposure retail centre in south Edmonton Tamarack neighborhood.

Quick Facts

Prodema Prod-Ex panels are finished with a thin veneer of natural wood, offering a number of exotic wood finishes. The product is manufactured in Spain, while most of the wood veneer comes from African forests.

Wood composite panels / Phenolic Resin Panels, on the corner of a building.

The Situation

IMARK was approached by our good friends at PCL to supply and install Prodema wood grain and Alpolic ACM panels on the façade of four new buildings: an RBC Bank, a premium liquor store, a restaurant and a retail store.

Wood Composite / Phenolic Resin Panel

IMARK’s Approach

Due to the phased nature of the project our crews were in-and-out of the site many times. We efficiently dealt with the work at hand and felt it necessary to think proactively and advised the site management team of any outstanding work that needed to be done before we could start working in other areas which were still under construction.

Approximately ten weeks of installation was spread over a six month construction period. Despite the challenging work sequence we were able to mobilize crews and equipment on numerous occasions with very short notice which happily exceeded our client’s expectations.

We were the go-to people on site.  Despite many requests that came our way, which were not a part of our scope of work, we were happy to help and never said “no” when we were asked to assist in replacing, repairing, straightening out, supplying and installing various miscellaneous paneling and flashing details.

Phenolic Resin Panels / Wood Composite Panel

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