U of A Student Innovation Center Decorative Laser Cut Railing

Laser Cut Metal Decorative Handrail Panels

Leading design of laser cut decorative metal panels were a perfect match for this innovative handrail retrofit


Decorative Laser Cut Handrail Panel Inserts (IMARK Motif Panel)


U of A Student Innovation Center, Edmonton


HFKS Architecture

decorative laser cut metal handrail panel insert

Project Background

The Student Innovation Center was developed as part of a greater renovation to a pre-existing science building on the University of Alberta campus. Housed in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS), the Student Innovation Centre provides students with a collaboration space – modeled after business incubators and startup offices-that encourages creativity and innovation. The Centre includes:  bookable project rooms, open seating areas, conferencing capabilities, and a growing network of equipment.

decorative laser cut metal handrail panel insert

Project Approach

The Innovation Incubator is the most recent design project based on the latest understanding of the learning methods and structures for Millennials / Generation Y and Generation Z students. The re-imagining of a common space with a new and fresh theme geared towards innovation lent itself well to some of IMARK’s newest and most innovative products such as our Motif Laser Cut Decorative Metal Panels and Screens. Retrofitting a pre-existing handrail in the Student Innovation Center,  IMARK’s Motif laser cut decorative metal panels were chosen in place of picketed balusters.  With a wide variety of decorative patterns and materials to choose from including aluminum and steel, the architects selected the Motif Panel in our Birdsnest pattern.

Project Approach


Incorporating the panels onto the existing handrail support required the use of 3D scanning to ensure proper fitting of the decorative laser cut panels.  By using 3D scanning it we were able to fabricate the panels to exact tolerances for the landing of the staircase.  In this instance, customized panel sizes needed to be cut and fitted to follow the curvature of the railing. Over the course of a couple weeks, all the Motif laser cut decorative panels were installed onto the handrail.  A conventional handrail design was far surpassed by the innovative design envisioned by the architects and their keen choice in IMARK’s Motif laser cut decorative metal panels.

decorative laser cut metal handrail panel insert

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