United Building Facade Renovation

Alura Panel - Architectural Prefinished Woodgrain Panel

Architecturally appealing breakshape hidden fastener siding panels make this facade renovation come alive


Facade renovation using Alura Panel Architectural Prefinished Woodgrain Panel


United Building, Edmonton Alberta



Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

Project Background

The United Building, located on the north side of downtown Edmonton, has been configured as a collaborative office space for over a decade.  Housing some of Edmonton’s most exciting startup’s, the building’s most recent facade renovation looked to the tenant mix for inspiration to reflect the cutting-edge use of prefinished woodgrain metal panel.

Prefinished Woodgrain Architectural Panel

Project Approach

IMARK’s Alura Panel – Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel, was chosen to be the architectural panel system for the facade renovation on the United Building in Edmonton. The facade consists of two different metal panel finishes, black and woodgrain, giving the building a striking contrast against the building’s original brick veneer. Alura Panel’s finish versatility was a key factor in its application for this project. Utilizing Alura Panel’s, 4″ Narrow profile in both the black and woodgrain finish, the building’s finish facade now showcases a contemporary and modern looking building that speaks to the major tenant’s technology background.

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel Siding

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