Whyte Avenue Building

Custom Fabrication

Whyte Avenue’s strict architectural guidelines provide a sound launch point for an innovative solution to maintain the historical feel of this storied Edmonton street.

The Client

Kor Alta Construction Ltd

The Project

Whyte Ave Building, 10416-82 Ave, Edmonton

Quick Facts

Each cornice requires a sheet of Aluminum 5’ wide x 10‘ long.

The mitered corners were modeled in 3D Inventor software, then programmed and punched on IMARK’s Finn Power CNC punch.

Building Cornice out of metal

The Situation

Gregory McClung Architect Ltd. and Kor Alta Construction where tasked with designing a new building on Whyte Avenue while adhering to strict architectural guidelines as set out by the City of Edmonton for this area.

A large cornice detail at roof level was designed to give the main elevation (along Whyte Avenue) a bold appearance while having it compliment existing buildings in the historic Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

Normally this type of complex shape would be completed with a stucco system. However, due to architectural restrictions stucco could not be used. Thus the Cornice was designed to be fabricated in wood.  Yet again the designers hit a roadblock.  Due to its large size (3 ft height in some cases) and the complex design it was difficult finding a carpentry company who would take on this type of work. So finally they turned to IMARK to solve the cornice conundrum.

Historic Building Renovation

IMARK’s Approach

Gregory McClung Architect Ltd.  approached IMARK to see if it would be possible to complete this detail in a metal product. IMARK’s design and fabrication teams were able to produce a sample from aluminum that met the architectural requirements. Aluminum in a 0.100” was to be used due to its thickness which would provide strength but also be light weight.

The thickness was also important to IMARK as it was needed to ensure weld ability. IMARK’s fabrication and welding team was required to produce three, 90 degree mitered corners each measuring 3 feet in height and 2 ½ feet down each leg. Once the fabrication of the cornice was complete it was powder coated and sent to site for installation.

Custom Fabricated Metal Cornice

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