Construction Budgeting

Value Engineering in Construction

As a full-service metal fabricator who has a deep understanding of building façade design; trust us to improve the quality of your project while driving down costs where possible.

Cost Estimation Objectives

Successful projects revolve around basic cost estimation objectives.

Scope. Quality. Scheduling.  These objectives represent the best opportunity to maximize value and lay the groundwork for all decisions to follow.

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Construction Budgeting

Construction is an inherently complicated business.

With a thorough understanding of the project goals and objectives we can help present in-depth budgets assuring that the best value and function are obtained allowing for an efficient design and construction process.

From basic concepts of area or space through to an architectural design program, we can be relied on to help provide budget and scheduling assistance within our scope of work from the MasterFormat.

Having navigated many complicated exterior building design projects, rely on us to help you get an accurate budget for your next project.

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Cost Reduction Initiatives

Eliminate unnecessary waste and costs from a project.

We can help with cost reduction initiatives within our scope of work through our rigorous understanding of alternate materials, methods and designs.  Here we systematically help to identify products and features that do not add any value to the end user without conceding the functional, design or value intentions of the client.

We believe this exercise is not about trying to substitute high quality products with inferior products to reduce costs but rather to deliver a high quality product or service at a minimal cost.

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What We Do

While carefully taking the time to understand the goals and objectives of a project we help provide insight by:

  • Offering alternative solutions that can lead to cost reductions from specified materials or systems.
  • Address opportunities for improved long term operating costs and thermal performance by providing alternative applications to the building’s substructure.
  • Find opportunities for higher quality or alternative products that meet or exceed design expectations and specifications.
  • Recommend systems and products that will reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building.
  • Recommend systems and products that will reduce jobsite time and project duration.
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