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Facade Renovations: Transforming your commercial building

Alpolic ACM custom aluminum composite cladding

Building façade improvement renovations on commercial property can arise for different reasons; however, the underlying goal is usually to heighten the appeal of the property in the marketplace.  The installation of a new façade or storefront entrance can go a long way in enhancing a building’s image, taking the tenant experience from drab to something much more contemporary and inviting.

Appeal to the bottom line

Façade improvement renovations are gaining in popularity because it is easier and more economical to upgrade a building than it is to tear it down and rebuild.  Typically, ground up new construction can take anywhere from 1-2+ years depending on how easy it is to source the right location, hire the right architects and construct the building.  With façade renovations, projects can take as little as 2 months with minimal disturbances to existing building occupants depending on the scale and scope of the renovation.  This process is highly appealing to property owners as a business proposition because it provides a targeted investment that can deliver higher rents and lower operating costs with a fast delivery – that’s hard to beat!

Government Incentives

Additional incentives offered by municipalities further increase the attractiveness of façade improvement renovations.  For example, through the City of Edmonton’s Façade Improvement Program, property owners within certain business districts are eligible for construction cost reimbursements up to $60,000.  Cities like Edmonton, Toronto and Hamilton, offer these programs to encourage streetscapes that are more inviting and interesting; encouraging customers to walk and shop while helping business owners attract and retain tenants.

Energy Efficiency

Building Owners have more options than they realize.  Façade renovations not only improve aesthetics but when approached strategically, can result in a more energy efficient building.  From high-performance curtain walls to additional exterior insulation a new building facade is really one of the most sustainable things an Owner can do to set an older building apart.

Whether you’re considering a façade renovation due to marketplace pressures or a more strategic approach, façade renovations have the ability to transform and reposition a building for a new life.

Commercial/Retail Building Façade Renovation

Project Description  Working for Kor – Alta Construction who general contracted the project façade improvements to this building meant a complete renovation of the storefront with the addition of new curtainwall, brick and large cornice detail to give the main elevation (along Whyte Avenue) a bold appearance.  This renovation needed to appeal to a wider base of potential tenants while having the building compliment existing buildings in the historic Old Strathcona neighbourhood.  Each cornice required a sheet of aluminum 5’ wide x 10‘ long.  The mitered corners were modeled in 3D Inventor software, then programmed and punched on IMARK’s CNC punch before being welded, powder coated and installed by IMARK’s field crew.




Building Entrance Feature

Project Description  Façade improvements to this building meant repainting the entire building in the anchor tenant’s brand colours but also adding on an entirely new entrance feature.  The entrance feature structure was built out using wood framing and large format aluminum composite panels were fabricated in grey and red colours to match the colour of the building.  The size and scale of the entrance way welcomes customers and completes the brand image for the tenant’s newly renovated space.



If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help your bottom line with a façade renovation, submit a Contact Us form or contact our estimating team at 780-448-8997.


Written by Chris Sims

Chris knows a thing or two about bottom lines as he holds a degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). When he isn’t crunching numbers and organizing business operations here at IMARK, you can find Chris out and about with his two busy boys.


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