IMARK: A First in Paperless Safety Documentation

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Since the Fall of 2016 IMARK Architectural Metals has been operating an entirely paperless safety program through the Nektar Data Systems platform, EquipData.

Our Mobile Safety Documentation System Choice

EquipData has allowed our employees to take IMARK’s safety program into the field with mobile data collection. This means that our staff no longer need to haul binders of safety forms around from site-to-site making IMARK the first paperless contractor for safety in our industry in Edmonton.  Field Foremen, Project Managers and IMARK Safety personnel can access their dashboards from their desktops or their phones to retrieve and engage in time-sensitive safety information for any project.  We understand that not all safety programs are alike, and that different industries like things a different way but all with one goal in mind – safety! So, it was extremely important to us to be able to customize the mobile forms to meet the needs of our organization as well as our customers. Equipdata has allowed us to create all our own mobile forms together with the Equipdata team to meet IMARK’s safety program standards, ACSA (COR) standards, as well as Provincial and National OH&S legislation.

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Why It Works for Us

You may think that with the ease of technology comes complacency and that is something that you definitely don’t want in a safety program, yet that is not the case here. Our employees embraced the program since day one and are excited to document their daily safety tasks: in fact, reporting, has increased since the program launched.  They know that each task they complete is time stamped and visible to their supervisors which improves visibility to and from site.  This visibility instils confidence in IMARK’s dedication to our employees’ safety and well-being. The confidence in our program, together with the ease of reporting and communication, has resulted in increased production and decreased incidents and injuries. Exactly what we wanted to achieve!

In the office, our Project Managers no longer have to sift through piles of safety forms, organizing them for each project and wondering if they missed signing any, sound familiar? With Equipdata, they can access each task via their personalised and customised dashboards with a click of a mouse or tap of their finger. This dashboard feature allows our Project Managers to deal with any issues that may arise immediately or to review, sign and file with two simple steps.

Why Our Clients and Customers Like It

With IMARK’s EquipData safety reporting customers will receive safety forms directly to their inbox.  Yes, it is really that simple! But wait, it gets better. When you open our e-documents you will not only see our completed forms but you will also be able to retrieve real-time information with time stamps, location services and electronic signatures.  This system can even allow an IMARK Foreman to attach a photograph within the form should it be necessary – making your document management that much easier and less wasteful to our environment.

Moving forward, we are confident that our customers will enjoy the paperless platform as much as we do; however, should you have any questions about IMARK’s safety program and how it pertains to your site, please do not hesitate to contact your IMARK Project Manager or our HSE Manager.

At IMARK we are dedicated to the safety of our employees, our customers and the public. Join us in building a safer future in construction.

IMARK Architectural Metals is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and is a COR Certified organization.

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Human Resources & HSE Manager

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About the Author

Teresa has been with IMARK since 2011 and is our in-house HR and HSE Manager, and resident social butterfly. Teresa has a busy toddler at home and is currently studying architecture.


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