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Perforated Metal Panel Imaging (Ocular)

Architectural Perforated Metal Panels

Ocular Perforated Imaging creates visually enhanced one-of-a-kind single or multi-panel systems.

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Design Opportunity

Ocular Perforated Imaging projects are made to order, offering the ability to create signature design elements from any digital picture or graphic.

Across ceilings, façades, feature walls or screens, Architects and Designers can use Ocular Perforated Imaging to enhance parking garages, building exteriors, landscape elements, interiors, or even acoustical elements.


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Ocular adds Versatility


Backlighting the panels highlights the perforated image producing a more dramatic effect at nighttime or in darker settings.

Sub-Wall Color Accents

Acrylic color sheets or other cladding materials and colors can be utilized behind the perforated imaging to create incredible features, layers and textures causing the image or design to stand out.

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Material Selections

Guided not only by structural and functional requirements but also aspects relating to the sensory effect and experience. Ocular Perforated Imaging can be utilized across a variety of metals that address these needs in addition to those of sustainability.

Choose from an assortment of exquisite bare metal finishes such as Zinc, Copper and Cor-ten or Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Aluminum Composite, in a variety of vibrant or subdued finishes and textures.

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Perforated Metal Panel Imaging Fabrication Expertise

Whether you are an Owner, Architect, General Contractor or Installer, our experienced staff can provide solutions to your most complex aluminum wall system designs.

Services include

  • Design and image selection assistance
  • Design consultation and system evaluation
  • Material and fabrication specification
  • Shop drawings and CAD details
  • Ready to install panel
  • Technical support
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Let us help your project tell a story using Ocular.

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From pre-design conversations onwards, our team contributes expertise and guidance to mitigate inherent risks and help ensure the success of your project.

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