Edmonton Federal Building

A Controversial Renovation

Known in Alberta for its politically charged renovation, the Edmonton Federal Building redevelopment aims to delight workers and tourists with its innovative design and amenities.

The Client

Clark Builders and the Government of Alberta

The Project

Edmonton Federal Building, Renovation and Redevelopment

Quick Facts

Located in the large glass atrium of the Federal Building is a multi-level living wall. IMARK installed ACM panels around and within the living wall which contains the largest known indoor bio filter, covering over 2400 sq ft.

Aluminum Composite Panel

The Situation

The renovation was designed by Kasian Architecture and completed by Clark Builders. The Federal Building, originally constructed in the late 1950’s, was purchased from the Federal Government in 1983 by The Government of Alberta. Although the building’s design was completed in 1939 construction was postponed due to the Second World War. Until the recent renovation the building had sat vacant since 1989.

The Federal building was renovated to a LEED Gold Standard. A LEED Gold Standard building will consume a staggering 40-50% less energy than a conventional building.

Edmonton Federal Building Plaza

IMARK’s Approach

IMARK was contracted by Clark Builders to supply and install interior ACM panel to the main lobby, first floor levels and to the ramps of the underground parkade.

The use of ACM panels in an interior application to this extent is quite unique. Many of the panel layouts Kasian was looking for were without the traditional reveals commonly seen with ACM panels.

By removing the traditional reveals, a new clip system had to be designed. This new clip system pleased the architects but meant that during installation there were no margins available to make adjustments to the panels, a challenging task welcomed by IMARK’s installation team.  IMARK’s design, panel fabrication and installation team had to be perfect.

Aluminum Composite Panel

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