Edmonton Brewery District

Woodgrain Architectural Metal Panel

Alura Panel architectural metal panel brings the warmth of woodgrain to commercial retail center modernization of a historic heritage site


Edmonton Brewery District aluminum composite panel and Alura Panel woodgrain metal panel siding


Brewery District, Edmonton Alberta


Dialog Architects

Prefinished Woodgrain Metal Panel

Project Background

This large mixed-use development sits on the site of the former Molson Canadian Brewery.  Thoughtfully incorporating historically significant parts of the 1913 Brewery, the architecture of this large, commercial retail center infuses qualities of two restored historical heritage buildings into the 10 new buildings on this site. Using materials such as brick, aluminum composite panel and prefinished woodgrain metal panel, the material mixture of masonry and modern metal was essential to the architect’s vision for creating a ‘developed over time’ character for this project.

Aluminum Composite Architectural Metal Panel

Project Approach

Primarily constructed with masonry veneer, the 10 new buildings creatively incorporated architectural panel systems which contributed to an updated, modern aesthetic.  A number of areas on this site were treated with premium cladding assemblies utilizing IMARK’s own Alura Panel – prefinished woodgrain metal panel and aluminum composite panel in concert together.  From the façade on the center building to interior cladding and soffits of the parkade entrances, the marriage of woodgrain and metallic architectural panel and traditional brick create a unique juxtaposition of old and new.

Prefinished Architectural Woodgrain Metal Panel

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