Active Ride Shop Storefront Facade

Alura Panel - Architectural Prefinished Panel in Metallic Finish

Architecturally appealing breakshape hidden fastener siding panels make this retail storefront facade come alive.


Retail storefront facade using Alura Panel Prefinished Architectural Panel in Metallic


Irvine Spectrum Center, Irvine California



alura panel prefinished woodgrain metal panel in metallic finish california

Project Background

The property owner’s representative reached out to us looking for a low maintenance prefinished metal panel for potential use among tenant storefronts.  Located in the Irvine Spectrum Center, in Irvine California, we sent a few samples for down for review to see if Alura Panel was a good fit for Active Ride Shops storefront.  Pleased with the fit and finish of the samples along with the long term durability of the PDVF paint, we were able to secure the project utilizing one of the metallic finish options we have for the Alura Panel line of prefinished architectural siding panels.

alura panel prefinished woodgrain and metallic metal panel in california

Project Approach

IMARK’s Alura Panel – Prefinished Architectural Metal Panel line, was chosen to be the architectural panel system for the facade of Active Ride Shop’s storefront at the Irvine Spectrum Center. The facade consists of the 4″ Narrow Alura Panel profile utilizing one of our metallic finish options. The 4″ narrow profile was installed on the storefront facade by a local contractor who found the panels simple and quick to install despite never installing the product before. The fit and finish of the metallic panel provide a unique and contemporary look that coincides with Active Ride Shop’s urban and youthful demographic.  Overall, the Owner, Tenant and Installer were pleased with the product and service provided to complete the transaction given the geographical distance of Edmonton and Irvine.

prefinished metallic architectural metal panel in california

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