Construction Estimating

Construction Estimating

From 3D modeling to material selection choices and cost savings options, our team of professional estimators can help bring more than just accurate figures to the table.

Pre-Estimate Review

Getting it right from the start.

Whether we are working for an owner, general contractor or trade contractor, successful estimating provides accurate costing for products and systems that deliver performance and aesthetics.  Our experience means that we can respond effectively to your project requirements.  From front end designs to material selection and cost savings options our team of professional estimators are available to provide guidance and assistance in high-end envelope systems to ensure you our client, achieve your vision.

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Building facade decoded.

As the current building stock ages and new buildings move towards more complexity in both overall form and building systems, traditional cost estimation techniques become much more difficult to use.

Through a variety of measures and processes our team begins each project before the contract is signed.  The outcome of this effort is much more than just a tender submission.  By intently studying the project our estimating team creates a highly detailed and structured plan for project execution that includes everything from procurement, engineering, drafting, fabrication, shipping and installation.   The extent of this preparation ensures that we can be counted on to have our bases covered when it comes time to project delivery.

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Post Estimate Assistance

Keeping it all on track for success.

Construction estimating is both an art and a science.  Whether it’s a project we are installing on or a supply only product or project, we become part of your team as the project evolves so that we can understand how and if, we can help keep the project on time and on schedule.  Every little bit helps.

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What We Do

  • Manages project risk by thoroughly estimating the scope, specifications, site conditions etc.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with all our clients, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure seamless project execution.
  • Provide innovative, high performance, economically sustainable solutions to help meet all your project needs.
  • Service industries and clients that demand a suite of metal fabrication and architectural metal products and services.
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Retrofit or New Construction?

Interior or exterior, we would be happy to discuss your project needs.

Contact John in our construction department to arrange a consultation or submit a form and a representative will contact you.

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